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"Chemistry" is the basic study exploring the structures, properties, interactions and transformations of matter in natural sciences. We seek to understand and classify a wide variety of material characteristics and properties according to the fundamental laws of atomic and molecular chemistry, which allows us to provide direction for controlling chemical reactions and preparing advanced functional materials. Recently, chemistry has evolved to incorporate various areas of science at an accelerated pace. Concomitantly, target materials have widely been expanded from conventional organic, inorganic, and biological substances to those relating to marine, atmosphere environment, and cosmos. Furthermore, the theoretical chemistry and computer chemistry progress remarkably with the progress of the computer, and become to play an important role in systematization and the prediction of the material. Under these situations, it can be said that knowledge and skills in chemistry have been becoming more important in other scientific fields including physics, biology, and medicine.

With the current trend of science, it is necessary to advance actively the leading-edge studies with a purpose of creating the new concepts and the interdisciplinary fields in science. It is crucial to make continuing effort for training students to become motivated for and capable of performing innovative work both in academia and in chemical company through our education programs exquisitely prepared for our fundamental research concepts in chemistry. From the above viewpoint, the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Kobe University has established a variety of research/education fields, including Molecular Structure and Dynamics, Material Physical Chemistry, Chemical Reaction Dynamics, Solid State Chemistry, Solution Chemistry, Physical Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Reaction Chemistry, Biomolecular Science, Organic Molecular Structure and Function, to offer a wide range of chemical education to students. As stated above, chemistry is an academic discipline on substances. In order to cultivate the spirit of academic inquiry of the students for substances, some specialized courses and lab training course are required ones. In addition, to foster and broaden the independence, the outlook and the intellectual curiosity of the students, we offer several options to choose specialized subjects in our departmental course. Although the scale of this department is relatively small and thus our education and research systems do not cover all fields of chemistry, the small-group instruction system on a one-to-one basis has developed abilities of students to recognize and solve unexplained issues with strong motivation and imagination towards unexplored fields. We think it is important to exploit the small but highly capable organizations for the future human resource development. In our research we focus on scientific fundamentals and aim at flexibly carrying out research works with high originality and big impact, keeping close cooperation among our faculty members.

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