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EDA, Kazuo (Associate Professor)

Specialized Field
Material Physical Chemistry
Research Interests

Our research interests are in the preparation and chemical and physical properties of novel inorganic oxide materials, using novel synthetic approaches. One of our goals is to prepare new functional materials built up with well-defined nanosized building units. Building up the units of functionalized structures becomes a sophisticated synthesis of materials with well-designed properties. Another goal is understanding the relations between structures and properties in materials. This tells us what to synthesize next.

Research Subjects
  • Synthesis and properties of molybdenum giant cluster compounds
  • Low-temperature synthetic routes of inorganic compounds
  • Room-temperature solid state reactions involving structural transformation of covalent network
Selected Publications

◆"Room Temperature Solid-State Reaction involving Structural Transformation of Covalent Oxide Network," K. Eda, S. Fukiharu, T. Suzuki, and N. Sotani, Journal of Solid State Chem.,164, 157-162 (2001).

◆"New Low-temperature Synthetic Route of Complex Inorganic Solids: Amorphous Route based on Amorphous Nature of Soluble Giant Clusters," K. Eda, Chemistry Letters, 74-75 (2001).

◆"A New Synthetic Route for Mixed-valence Compounds: Leaching Treatments of Hydrogen Molybdenum Bronze," K. Eda, A. Sukejima, and N. Sotani, Journal of Solid State Chem., 159, 51-58 (2001).

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