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HAYASHI, Masahiko (Professor)

林 昌彦 教授

Specialized Field
Organic Reaction Chemistry
Research Interests

My research interests are development of new synthethic method including novel catalysts and reactions in organic synthesis.

  • Development of environmentally friendly organic reactions including carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and oxidation.
  • Development of novel chiral catalysts and application to asymmetric synthesis
  • Total synthesis of biologically interesting compounds.
Research Subjects
  • Development of new synthetic method and novel catalysts in organic synthesis
Selected Publications

◆"Selective Synthesis of Some Aminosugars via Catalytic Aminohydroxylation of Protected 2,3-Unsaturated D-Gluco- and D-Galacto-2-hexenopyranosides", I. Fukuhara, R. Matsubara, M. Hayashi, J. Org.Chem., 85, 9179-9189 (2020).

◆"Activated Carbon-Promoted Dehydrogenation of Hydroquinones to Benzoquinones, Naphthoquinones, Anthraquinones under Molecular Oxygen Atomosphere", S. Kim, R. Matsubara, M. Hayashi, J. Org. Chem. 84, 2997-3003 (2019).

◆"Synthesis of Arylamines via Nnon-Aerobic Dehydrogenation Using a Palladium/Carbon-Ethylene system", Y. Shimomoto, R. Matsubara, M. Hayashi, Adv. Synth. Catal. 360, 3297-3305 (2018).

◆"Dehydrogenative Formation of Resorcinol Derivatives Using Pd/C-Ethylene Catalytic System", I. El-Deeb. Y, T. Funakoshi, Y. Shimomoto, R. Matsubara, M. Hayashi, J. Org.Chem., 82, 2630-2640 (2017).

◆"Progress of Chiral Schiff Bases with C1 Symmetry in Metal-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reactions", M. Hayashi, Chem. Rec., 16, 2708-2735 (2016).

◆"Selective Synthesis of Partially Protected D-Talopyranosides and D-Gulopyranosides via Catalytic Asymmetric Dihydroxylation: Multiplier Effects of Substrate Control and Catalyst Control", Y. Namito, K. Michigami, T. Nagahashi, R. Matsubara,M. Hayashii, Org. Lett., 18 (23), 6058-6061 (2016).

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