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ONISHI, Hiroshi (Professor)

大西 洋 教授

Specialized Field
Material Physical Chemistry
Research Interests

We are good at imaging individual molecules adsorbed on a solid surface. Chemical reactions of the adsorbed species are resolved in a sequence of microscope images. Surface-specific detection of molecular vibrations is another topic in our laboratory. Intense light pulses from a femto-second laser source are used for this purpose. These experimental techniques are devoted to examine surface reactions on solid catalysts, self-assembled structures of molecular monolayers, and nanometer-scale science and technology at biological interfaces.

Research Subjects
  • Dynamics of individual molecules probed by scanning microscopes, Interface-specific detection of molecular vibrations by laser spectrometers

◆S. Moriguchi et al., Nanometer-Scale Distribution of a Lubricant Modifier on Iron Films: A Frequency-Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy Study Combined with Friction Test. Submitted.

◆H. Sudrajat et al., Electron Population and Water Splitting Activity Controlled by Strontium Cations Doped in KTaO3 Photocatalysts. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, in press (2019).

◆H. Onishi, H., Sodium Tantalate Photocatalysts Doped with Metal Cations: Why Are They Active for Water Splitting? ChemSusChem, 12, 1825-1834 (2019).

◆L. An et al., Photoexcited Electrons Driven by Doping Concentration Gradient: Flux-Prepared NaTaO3 Photocatalysts Doped with Strontium Cations. ACS Catalysis, 8, 9334-9341 (2018).

◆Kawasaki et al., Intrinsic Superhydrophilicity of Titania-terminated Surfaces, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 2268-2275 (2017).

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