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TAMURA, Atsuo (Associate Professor)

田村 厚夫 准教授

Specialized Field
Biomolecular Science
Research Interests

We are now trying to solve the protein "folding" problem, i.e., how and why a primary sequence of amino acids can fold into a definite tertiary structure in general. Struatural, thermodynamic and kinetic methods as well as gene engineering are major techmiques we are employing. Recently, we have started the "protein desgin" project , which aims to produce a desired structure and/or function at our will. Also I am interested in formation of fibrils or amyloids of proteins.

Research Subjects
  • Protein design by laboratory evolution
  • Rational protein design
  • Protein fibril formation
  • Structural and thermodynamic study on proteins
Selected Publications

◆Hiroaki Sasakawa, Sosuke Yoshinaga, Shuichi Kojima, and Atsuo Tamura (2002) Structure of POIA1, a homologous protein to the propeptide of subtilisin: Implication for protein foldability and the function as an intra-molecular chaperone. J. Mol. Biol. 317, 159-167.

◆Xiaolin Huang, Tomoko Nakagawa, Atsuo Tamura, Karl Link, Akiko Koide & Shohei Koide (2001) Formation of the single-layer b-sheet of Borrelia burgdorferi OspA in the absence of a cappping globular domain, J. Mol. Biol. 308, 367-375.

◆Hiroaki Sasakawa, Atsuo Tamura, Kazuyuki Akasaka, Seiichi Taguchi, Yoko Miyake, & Masatsune Kainosho. (1999) Backbone 1H, 13C, and 15N resonance assignments of Strepromyces subtilisin inhibitor. J. Biomol. NMR, 14, 285-286.

Atsuo Tamura & Peter L. Privalov (1997) The entropy cost of protein association. J. Mol. Biol. 273, 1048-1060.

◆Hossein Naghibi, Atsuo Tamura, & Julian M. Sturtevant. (1995) Significant discrepancies between van't Hoff and calorimetric enthalpies. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 92, 5597-5599.

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