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WADA, Akihide (Professor)

和田 昭英 教授

Specialized Field
Molecular Structure and Dynamics
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Research Interests

Optical Control and Study of Chemical Reaction Dynamics by Ultrafast Laser Pulses

 Research interest is realization of optical control of chenical reaction and understanding the control mechanism using ultrafast laser technique. Conventional role of light in photochemistry is excitation of molecules as a trigger to start chemical reaction, and the behavior of the reaction system after the excitation becomes out of control: the relaxation process governs the system behavior. However, the dynamics of reaction system become controllable by using temporally programmed light pulse in which the values of characteristic factor of light wave, such as frequency, phase, and amplitude, are adjusted in accordance with the system change. The temporally programmed light pulse can be tailored from femtosecond laser pulse using pulse shaping technique, and dynamics of the system induced by the pulses can be monitored by femtosecond time-resolved observation. It means that more detailed information for the control can be obtained by time-resolved observation and the control pulse shape can be improved on the basis of the results of observation. Our research interest is realization of reaction control and understanding the control mechanism on the basis of the linkage between "control" and "observation".

Research Subjects
  • Optical Control of Chemical Reaction and Molecular Excited States by Optimized Pulse Shaping Technique
  • Time-resolved Study of Excited State Dynamics using Ultrafast Laser Pulses
  • Developments of Spectroscopic Technique for Controling Reaction and Excited State using Ultrafast Laser
Selected Publications

◆"Pulse Shaping Effect on Two-photon Excitation Efficiency of α-Perylene Crystals and Perylene in Chloroform Solution", I. Otake, S. S. Kano, A. Wada, J. Chem. Phys., 124, 14501 (2006)

◆"Optical Control of Two-photon Excitation Efficiency of α-Perylene Crystal by Pulse Shaping", T. Okada, I. Otake, R. Mizoguchi, K. Onda, S.S. Kano, A. Wada, J. Chem. Phys., 121, 6386-6391 (2004)

◆"Optical Control of Excited States of ・-Perylene Crystal using Optimized Pulse Shaping Method", R. Mizoguchi, S. S. Kano, A. Wada, Chem. Phys. Lett., 379, 319-324 (2003).

◆“Thinning-Out in Optimized Pulse Shaping Method using Genetic Algorithm”, R. Mizoguchi, K. Onda, S. S. Kano, A. Wada, Rev. Sci. Inst., 74, 2670-2675 (2003)

◆"Dynamic Processes of Olefins Adsorbed on Hydroxyl Groups of DM20 Zeolite Excited by Picosecond Infrared Pulses", K. Onda, K. Tanabe, H. Noguchi, K. Domen, A. Wada, J. Phys. Chem. B, 107, 11391-11396 (2003).

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